113th FSC (Oct 2016): Espoo, Finland (TULOKSET)

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Postby UKMusicLova » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:59 pm

My risky song choice flopped! :lol: Thanks to Greece, Netherlands and particularly Sweden for the big points

Congrats to Germany, really liked that song! Colombia song was amazing, I knew of Kali Uchis but not that particular song!
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Postby Grybop » Wed Nov 02, 2016 4:25 pm

UKMusicLova wrote:My risky song choice flopped! :lol:
We need risky numbers!

I'm very happy you're still enjoying Care, CPB!
They need rappers like me
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Postby trebor » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:35 pm

Congrats to @mondflug for winning this edition! :D
Germany was the song that was pretty high initially and fell off my Top 10 in the last round. Glad it didn't need my help to secure the #1 spot!
Many best thanks to all your votes for Hungary. :D
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Postby Affillate » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:23 pm

Flopped this month but thanks again to the voters for Taiwan.

Congrats Candyperfumeboy on Germany's win. I Had Netherlands as my 12pts, thought it had the kinda Era Istrefi - Bon Bon kinda sound to it. Greece was next, cool vid with the lyrics, and enjoyed Belgium's dance track rounding out my top 3 votes.

10 points GREECE
08 points BELGIUM
07 points ESTONIA
06 points COLOMBIA
05 points HUNGARY
04 points SWEDEN
03 points AUSTRALIA
02 points SOUTH AFRICA
01 point. MALAYSIA
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