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Postby SilentDream » Fri May 19, 2017 7:52 pm

German singer-songwriter Leslie Clio, who is known in the German speaking countries for her songs "I Couldn't Care Less" and "My Heart Ain't That Broken", has just released her third album "Purple". The style of this album is similar to her previous albums - a mixture of pop and soul.

However, it's a bit less pop and less uptempo than her previous album "Eureka". Nevertheless you can find quite a few catchy songs on it (for example "And I'm Leaving", "Riot" or "In and Out") and it also includes some dramatic songs (for example "Game Changer", "Darkness Is a Filler" or "Sad Games").

I think that "Purple" is overall a very nice album. I had high expectations for it, because I absolutely loved Leslie Clio's second album "Eureka", and she didn't disappoint me.

1. Lies Are Gold
2. And I'm Leaving
3. Game Changer
4. Riot
5. Darkness Is a Filler
6. Sad Games
7. In and Out
8. Aquarius
9. But It Ruins Me
10. Walls Down
11. Fragile
12. Bad Habit (feat. Drangsal)

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