UKMIX Forums Rules

Welcome to UKMIX!
Last updated: 26th January 2019.

Although the administrators and moderators of UKMIX Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of UKMIX Forums, nor vBulletin Solutions Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owner of UKMIX Forums reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.


a) All forms of personal abuse, prejudice and discrimination are unacceptable and will not be tolerated, be they in the form of posts or private messages – we would encourage posters to report posts or messages that violate this rule and we reserve the right to skip stages in our moderation policy in the most serious examples of abuse.

b) We allow only one account per poster – if you forget your password or are struggling to access your account, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom the forum rather than registering a new account. If you’re found to have two accounts, without good reason, you will be asked to surrender at least one of them but may also be permanently banned from UKMIX.

c) We recognise that there may be conflicts of opinion but deliberately causing arguments, or ignoring moderator requests to stop arguing, is frowned upon and might result in you receiving an infraction, warning or ban.

e) Stanning and trolling of artists is discouraged and may result in an infraction, warning or ban, if persistent and/or aggressive.

f) File sharing is only allowed under two conditions: firstly, it must be a permanent link, i.e. not Zippyshare or Sharebeast etc. Secondly, it must be a free and legal sample. If either of these two criteria are not met, it is not allowed. This is to ensure that UKMIX remains within the law.

g) All posts must comply with the laws of the country from which you are accessing the site and those of the UK.

h) Advertising relating to music should be posted in the Artists & Promotion thread in the General Music Discussion forum and nowhere else, and as such should be music related. We encourage users to report misplaced advertising to a moderator.

i) Posting or linking to pornographic or shock images, or sites containing these, is forbidden. As a guideline: if you think it might not be suitable for people viewing at work or school, don't post it.

j) As distributing pornography to anyone under 18 years of age is illegal under the laws of most countries, we could get in legal trouble if we are found to be distributing pornography to underage people. Furthermore, cartoon porn is also considered porn, so that is also part of our regulations as we cannot allow it to be posted.

k) Images, memes, GIFs etc. that contain explicit language/swearing or could be considered unsafe for viewing at work or school should not be posted on the forum. You can post a link to these if you must, however you must warn others of the content behind the link i.e. NSFW/contains swearing.

l) The general rule of thumb with discussions is that if it’s NSFW, it shouldn’t be posted – the only exception to this is posts made in the Premium Users Only forum (which has relaxed content rules).

m) Anyone who posts explicit pornographic material will be banned permanently from the forums as per our zero-tolerance policy in this regard.

n) Where social media embedding is enabled (i.e. the ability to embed Tweets, YouTube videos), we expect posters to make use of this function sparingly and appropriately and only by exception should the facility be used more than once per post. The moderation team reserves the right to amend posts where we feel this hasn't been the case.

Some areas will have their own specific set of rules, in addition to the wider forum rules published here, and we would encourage posters to review them before posting in those forums (you will generally find the topics pinned to the top of the relevant forums).


a) Hour-by-hour (or overly regular) updates of iTunes chart positions/airplay updates in single/general artist discussion topics - please keep this sort of thing in Chart Analysis and not the genre/general artists forums.

b) Although the site is called UKMIX, our user base is international so please try to use a reasonable level of spelling and grammar to make it easier for everyone to understand what you're saying. We understand that nobody is perfect, but that's why spell-check was invented. Most browsers now spell-check your post as you're writing it.

c) If you feel the need to comment on or disagree with a moderator's decision, please contact them by private message so that your question can be answered directly and efficiently rather than derailing discussions on the forum.

d) It is generally preferable to post in an existing topic rather than starting a new one on the same subject. UKMIX has a built-in advanced search function that you can use. Similarly, please don't post the same topic in more than one forum. In the event two topics on the same issue are created, it will usually be the case that the topic created first stays open.

e) Please try to stay on-topic. This particularly applies to derailing discussions with unnecessary comparisons to, and discussion of, other artists. Overly negative posts about a song or artist in a topic clearly aimed at people who like that particular song or artists will be considered off-topic and, as such, are discouraged.

f) New topics regarding a single or album release must contain a reputable source or have been confirmed by the artist themselves. Please don't start a topic based on a rumour.

g) Everybody has opinions and, with that, the right to express them. However, please try to remember that opinions are subjective (that is, not fact) and should be treated as such.

h) Backseat moderating is heavily discouraged. If you see a problem post or topic, please don't post in it as this will often make things worse - just report it to a moderator by private message or via the post reporting function and they will deal with it appropriately.

i) Forum signatures and avatars must comply with the general rules and etiquette. Animated avatars are not allowed.

j) Animated GIFs are not allowed to be posted on the forum outside of the designated gif topic, this is to encourage discussion.

k) Please don't make entire posts in bold text or colours. It is fine to use these for emphasis, but it's entirely unnecessary to do it all the time.

l) Quoting large blocks of text and quoting images is heavily discouraged. If you want to share a large block of text, please share a link rather than posting/quoting the whole article.

m) Please do not excessively quote embedded social media posts as it slows page loading times.

n) We invite and accepts posters from all over the world; however, we are predominantly an English-language based forum and we expect anyone that posts here to respect this and ensure that all posts are written in English (except for where there are designated foreign language topics).

o) All avatars must comply with current forum requirements (currently, this stands at 150 x 150 pixels - anything less or more than this will be disallowed by the system).


In the event a poster chooses not to follow our community rules, we reserve the right to instigate our moderation policy (as detailed below).

We operate an infraction based system at UKMIX, whereby for violating a rule, the moderation team reserves the right to issue an infraction, warning or ban. Our infraction based system is a points based system, whereby dependent on your rule break category, you will receive an infraction – that infraction will have an expiry date and once you’ve built the sufficient amount of points, you will receive the appropriate level of ban.

1. Posting pornographic material: 100 points (infraction expires after 6 months)

2. File sharing illegal download links: 100 points (infraction expires after 6 months)

3. Shouting, swearing or posting in an aggressive manner: 25 points (infraction expires after 3 months)

4. Ignoring moderation instructions: 25 points (infraction expires after 3 months)

5. Baiting, stanning or trolling: 25 points (infraction expires after 3 months)

6. Other (reason TBC at time of issue by moderator): points and expiry date TBC at time of issue

The amount of infraction points you have which haven’t expired will determine your level of ban:

1. Seven day ban: 100 points

2. Fourteen day ban: 150 points

3. One month ban: 200 points

4. Two month ban: 250 points

5. Three month ban: 300 points

In exceptional and serious circumstances, the moderation team reserves the right to permanently ban members of the community outside of the above procedure – this will usually apply to members of the community who persistently break the rules over a number of months or years, to persistent troublemakers or to those who break the law. We take a zero-tolerance approach to spam, and those who post spam will be permanently banned regardless. If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly by the moderation team, you should raise your concerns privately with an Administrator.

In all examples of rule breaking, we encourage posters to make use of the post reporting function or privately message a member of the moderation team – backseat moderating is heavily discouraged.


We operate a premium users scheme to support with funding the site – you’ll find the most up to date costs and benefits in the appropriate topic located in our Front Desk forum.



These are the administrators of UKMIX who manage the day to day running of the site. Administrators have the full set of moderation tools, but can also do technical stuff such as altering user details, adding and removing user functions, etc. Their usernames appear in red.

Wayne (Site Owner)

Senior Moderators

These are users who can perform moderation tasks across all areas of the site. Typical moderation tasks include: editing posts and organising threads, removing spam, settling disputes between users and generally keeping the forums clean and tidy. Their usernames appear in green.



These are users who can perform moderation tasks in specific areas of the site. You can see which areas they moderate by examining the Forum Index. Their usernames appear in the same colour as regular users (blue).

Benjamin (General Artists Discussion, R&B & Urban and Celebrity Gossip)
Biscuits (General Music Discussion, General Artists Discussion, Celebrity Gossip, The Lounge, World News & Politics and Survivors)
FreakyFlyBry (The Retro, Personal Charts and Survivors)
JSparksFan (General Music Discussion, General Artists Discussion and Personal Charts)
Kingofskiffle (Chart Analysis and Artist Chart Analysis)
menime123 (Movies and TV)
nympho (Chart Analysis and Artist Chart Analysis)
Spartan (Games, Pop, Movies, TV and The Lounge)
tdc2000 (General Music Discussion, The Retro, Games, Rock & Alternative and Personal Charts)
trebor (Country, Americana, Folk & World Music, Chart Analysis, Artist Chart Analysis and Personal Charts)
urbanmusik (Pop, R&B & Urban, Dance & Electronic and Rock & Alternative)