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Single, released September 9th, 2016

My Love
Single, released October 20th, 2008

One Heart
Album, released September 29th, 2003

One Heart
Single, released September 8th, 2003

Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)
Single, released November 25th, 2002

I'm Alive
Single, released August 19th, 2002

A New Day Has Come
Album, released March 25th, 2002

A New Day Has Come
Single, released March 11th, 2002

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Single, released March 27th, 2000

That's The Way It Is
Single, released November 29th, 1999

All The Way... A Decade Of Songs
Album, released November 15th, 1999

Treat Her Like A Lady
Single, released June 28th, 1999