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Released: 10th September 2001.

Following in the footsteps of his father Master P, Lil' Romeo comes on a wave of mini rappers. Whilst Lil' Bow Wow appealed to kids, teens and adult hip hop fans alike with his debut, "My Baby" is certainly one for the kids with its childish theme and lyrics. Not necessarily a bad thing though, as the result is fairly catchy, and with an added Jacksons sample on there he can't really go far wrong. Could be a big hit or dismissed as a joke.

* * * (CJB)

Isn't this song extremely annoying? Just when you thought you'd forgotten Lil' Bow Wow, Master P tries to turn his son into another Michael Jackson (the song even uses a sample of him). This is one of those songs you just wish didn't exist, but it does. Hopefully no one will buy it and it will flop badly.

* (Marvin van der Weyde)

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