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Released: 17th September 2001.

High on the current wave of nostalgia comes one of the best cover versions in ages. As with all the best covers, this tune leaps into a completely different genre from the original by Michael Jackson, namely nu-metal. Having heard the hook on electric guitar I can't imagine it being any different. With the group breathing new life into the tune, it'll have fans of all types of music kicking and screaming to the shops to by it. Watch out Kylie and Posh!

* * * * * (CJB)

Riding on the hype Michael Jackson's new album has produced, Alien Ant Farm cover his 80s classic in a brilliant way. They've created a metal version of the song, but at the same time haven't strayed too far from the original. They also have a great video for it which mocks some of Michael's videos over the past few decades. "Smooth Criminal" in itself is still a brilliant song, so why not take over the charts with it, the Ant Farmers must have thought. And why not?

* * * * (oscar)

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