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Released: 17th September 2001.

Victoria Beckham - Not Such An Innocent GirlThe week has finally arrived with the big battle of 2001. In the left corner is Victoria Beckham with her debut solo offering, which is surely one of the best solo Spice singles to be released so far. Victoria is gradually developing her own signature style, combining slick R&B with infectious pop that stands above the rest.

* * * * * (Matt Wilson)

What exactly has Posh Spice got going for her? She can't sing, can't dance, can't write, can't play instruments, has no charisma, and what's more, she's hardly the most attractive Spice Girl. Now, I'm no snob, I don't believe you should have to be able to do all these to be a success, but one of them might be nice! The song is simply trash, and she tries to make up for it by having an expensive video. Frankly, it'd be better if she wasn't in it, and with the sound muted. How I'll laugh when the headlines scream next week: "Kylie beats Posh 5-1"

* (Ben Cook)

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