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Released: 17th July 2006.

Lily Allen - Alright StillAfter the hyped release of "Smile", Lily Allen emerges in the music scene with an album to be remembered as one of the best debuts ever in British pop music.

"Alright Still" features some of the songs Lily has uploaded in her MySpace page, giving her the credit of being one the first mainstream acts to make use of social networking. In a 37 minute album, the singer mixes pop, indie, ska, reggae and hip hop in songs with great potential to become singles.

Besides catchy and bitchy "Smile", highlights in "Alright Still" include the MySpace hit "LDN", whose lyrics and video are dedicated to London, "Alfie" lyrically funny and genious (inspired in her real little brother Alfie), the informal bizarre "Knock 'Em Out", which features lyrics that were used as the title of the album.

Lyrically Lily proves to be a contemporary poet, mixing meaningful messages with stupid jokes and informal slangs.

"Alright Still" is nothing more than a wonderful kiss-off debut for Lily Allen, one of the pioneer albums which were able to go beyond the MySpace pages into the shelves of, hopefully, millions of people around the world.

* * * * * (CitruZ)

Everybody knows the Lily Allen story. Once upon a time, there was a man called Keith Allen. He had a daughter called Lily. She discovered Myspace and recorded a few songs and put them on the site. A few weeks later her debut single reached No. 1 and made Lily a star.

Following the immense success of "Smile", Allen has followed suite with her debut album, which immediately creates a mass appeal.

The summer vibe of "Smile" carries on through a large percent of the album, with "LDN", "Not Big", "Take What You Want" and "Alfie" all carrying the label, however don't let this overshadow the lyrical content of the album.

"Alfie" describes the story of Lily's little brother's drug "problem" in a humourous way, as well as "Friday Night" narrating a run-in with a girl on a night out, however it's poignant ballad "Littliest Things" that provides the highlight of the album.

A brilliant debut offering from an artist labelled "The female Mike Skinner". Who knows?

* * * * * (Twixy)

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