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Released: 17th September 2001.

Shaggy feat. Samantha Cole - Luv Me Luv MeCan Shaggy make it a hat trick of UK No. 1s? With stiff competition this week he's probably the outside chance, but another huge hit is imminent. Originally recorded with Janet Jackson, due to legal problems Janet's vocals were replaced by Samantha Cole's to be included on his latest album. Therefore the track has been around for ages and the difference is only very slight. I hated Shaggy's last two, but the feel good vibe on this track is too much for me to resist!

* * * * (CJB)

Somehow this fourth release from the "Hotshot" album doesn't have the same appeal as the last two singles. It is rather average, and continues the tiring formulaic sound from Shaggy. Unfortunately for him, he'll most likely miss the Top 5 this time around though.

* * * (Matt Wilson)

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