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Released: 24th September 2001.

The debut single from rap/R&B/soul trio City High should mark the beginning of a glittering career. I first heard this track in America back in April when it became one of the songs of the holiday, and its appeal has yet to fade. An urban tune which is socially conscious, yet it has a singalong chorus and a fantastic blend of vocals; it could do for City High what "Waterfalls" did for TLC. Having heard the album I suggest you remember their name, 'cos they're the next big thing!

* * * * * (CJB)

This IS one of the best records I have heard so far this year. It mixes hip-hop and R&B/pop with real life issues, while being irresistibly catchy - by both genders of the band. One of the best parts of the song is where it borrows a sample from Dr Dre's "The Next Episode". Hopefully this will hit the Top 10 next week, because it definitely deserves it!

* * * * * (Matthew Jackson)

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