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Released: 17th April 2000.

Second single from Shola's very underrated second album, and it's not a John Lennon cover! Produced by much in demand producer Rodney Jerkins, it lives up to his usual standard. An R&B delight, this mid-tempo track is Shola at her best. Unfortunately, due to lack of airplay and promotion, this is unlikely to set the charts alight. Which is a shame, because Shola is a talent that we shouldn't lose.

* * * * * (David Lucas)

UK soul/R&B diva Shola Ama is back with the second single from her second album, "In Return". It's a fantastic R&B track which oozes with class, sugary vocals and brilliant production. It's catchy enough to be a big hit, and what's more, Shola's voice is at its best, making this one of her best singles yet. Hopefully this will be a hit for her where her last stunning single failed commercially.

* * * * * (DS)

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