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Released: 24th September 2001.

It's every white class suburban family's nightmare. They excitedly find out that an unoccupied house is being moved into, but then discover their new neighbour is P. Diddy (who really should have stayed as Puff Daddy). Loud hip-hop music, wild parties and golf balls through windows are to come. That's the video. The song is nothing short of genius. Easily his most infectious track to date, ultimately commercial whilst still managing - as Puffy rarely does - to remain underground. It should be an outside contender for the top spot.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

Puff Daddy... no, Puff Diddy... no... whoever, has just released this new single. Technically, it's a pretty good comeback, but in comparison to his other songs it's pretty weak. His usual ghetto style is there, but isn't that getting a bit old for him? I can appreciate all the rapping and the rhythm, but if he can't come up with something more original, then he'll just end up being one of the crowd in the R&B/rap world.

* * * (Reynald Castaneda)

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