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Released: 1st October 2001.

Jo Breezer - Venus & MarsAh, this is more like pop should be. Jo Breezer can actually sing! This emotive song has been getting tons of Box and MTV play, and its easy to see why. The video was directed by a leading beauty photographer, and the song is just as beautiful. Jo goes running in the woods - chasing Tarzan. When he finally gives up, they finally touch hands - and he disappears. Oh dear. "Venus And Mars", obviously refers to men and women, or rather, her and Tarzan. Well worth buying as it is good pop.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

Remember last year's ill-fated one-hit-wonder girl group Fe-m@il? Thought not. Disillusioned with not being allowed any creative input, former member Jo Breezer attempts to put her shameful past behind her by going solo, and a good thing too. Her debut single is a pleasant and uplifting guitar-led summery number, which showcases her ability as a capable singer/songwriter. With any luck this will be a reasonably sized hit.

* * * * (Amir)

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