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Released: 1st October 2001.

Whether these girls have any discernible talent at all remains to be seen, but this song isn't half bad for a cheese-fest of a pop record. However, it's a cover of a huge hit, so that means nothing. Their last single "Airhead" was very catchy (the first twenty times it was shown on The Box anyway), and this song has been equally as popular. However, since they're on a label no one's ever heard of, they haven't done very much promotion, which will probably lead to a minor hit.

* * * (Ben Cook)

"Respectable", the second single from the Village People / Spice Girl wannabes, is a cover of the 80s hit by Mel & Kim. Most of the elements are the same as the original yet with a 2001 throw away pop vibe. Certainly not the kind of song I would listen to, but I can see its attraction, and it merits a pretty good vocal performance. Top 10 is possible.

* * * (CJB)

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