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Released: 1st October 2001.

Right Said Fred - You're My MateOh my God, they're back! Actually, this time around they're not all that bad. Tracks like "Deeply Dippy" and "Don't Talk Just Kiss" were rather lame, but this is a lot more fun. Basically it goes like this. Forget that person you're going out with, they're no good. Let's go and get drunk instead! I feel many people, particularly in the student community, can relate to the line "All I wanna do, is get drunk here with you!" How well will it do? Well, there's nothing out this week really, so it could be the highest new entry.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

For some reason this was huge in Germany about six months ago. Right Said Fred's best days are definitely long gone, as "You're My Mate" is nowhere as good as their 1990s hits. The melody is very simple and weak, as are the lyrics, and the whole thing is simply unexciting. It's OK as background noise in a public place, but you wouldn't want to actually be listening to it.

* * (Aneta Janssen)

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