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Released: 17th April 2000.

Mary J. Blige - Give Me YouMary J. Blige returns with a great new R&B single from her latest album, "Mary". At first, she enters a Disney-like wonderworld before her stunning voice carries the tune into the verses, which are followed by a catchy, well produced chorus. She's undisputably one of today's premier R&B divas, and this latest offering is unlikely to change that. Her voice is at its best, and the actual track has also been extremely well written.

* * * * * (DS)

Mary J. Blige is back with another single from her fantastic new album, and this will probably give her another undeserved low placing in the chart. It's your typical R&B thing from the "queen of hip hop soul", but it's still great, and the video's really good too.

* * * * (Tom Hall)

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