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Released: 15th October 2001.

This is the second single release from A-Teens' "Teen Spirit" album, and is very indicative of its overall quality. While this group of youngsters are no longer doing ABBA covers, their songs are still supremely produced Swedish works of art, similar to their pop ancestors. "Halfway Around the World" is upbeat and joyous; a must-have single from a must-have album. If only America could make pop as wonderful as this.

* * * * (Patrick Blake)

The sickly sweet Swedes were last in the chart with the very catchy "Upside Down", and this follow up continues on the same route. A very catchy chorus and funky pop beats prove this is another great pop song. There's nothing particularly negative about the track, apart from it being a little repetitive maybe? One question still remains though - where do they go from here?

* * * * (Matthew Jackson)

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