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Released: 15th October 2001.

Wyclef Jean always seems to have the Midas touch, although it was going to take quite something to make a Brian Harvey record any good! He's just about managed it, and the song is miles better than "Straight Up (No Bends)", his last hit. He has managed to produce a reasonable song, which grows on you with subsequent listens. One thing however, forget the "Ole, Ole, Oles" - keep them to the football terraces - it's not cool, no matter how hard you try!

* * * (matthew_dixon)

It's difficult to fault Brian Harvey's vocal talent. However, you only hear a glimpse of his true potential on this tune, as he's generally overshadowed by producer and guest vocalist Wyclef Jean, who induces his usual West Indian flava and acoustic sound. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired, but this could be the re-launch Brian Harvey needs. Shame it's such a tough week for R&B.

* * * (CJB)

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