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Released: 2nd October 2006.

David Hasselhoff - Jump In My CarDespite huge televisual success with "Knight Rider" and "Baywatch", David Hasselhoff's singing career has always been considered an embarrassment. Well, unless you live in Germany, or a handful of other countries in continental Europe. To his credit, 'The Hoff' is more than happy to poke fun at himself, hence the arrival of this single, and a (cheap) video that uses KITT as the car to jump in. Genius! The song itself, a cover of an Australian 70s hit, is a hilarious novelty track that changes half-way through from "jump in my car" to "get out of my car". It's a few minutes of harmless fun, although Radio 1's Scott Mills has been campaigning to get this to No. 1. Can't see it happening mind.

* * * (Amir)

Whoever it was that formulated Sunblock's "I'll Be Ready" in its evil, mechanically contrived laboratory of crud earlier this year should be held to ransom for this. 'The Hoff' is releasing this novelty single that by anyone's books is absolutely atrocious. This, in my opinion, is one Student Union bar joke too far. And it's because of them that this will be Top 10 on Sunday. Shame on you, undergraduates of the nation!

* (Alex MacGregor)

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