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Released: 15th October 2001.

Mis-Teeq - One Night StandThe Mis-Teeq girls continue to work their magic with their third single this year. "One Night Stand" has a slightly mellower and more distinct R&B flavour than their previous hits, and if anything, shows they're more than capable of taking on the other R&B girl groups already out there. However, the UK garage market is still catered for on the CD with a cracking Sunship remix, making this an essential purchase.

* * * * * (Amir)

These ladies can't do a thing wrong! The third single to be taken from their forthcoming album "Lickin' On Both Sides" dispels the UK garage flava from past singles, with the radio edit firmly in R&B territory. The result is a mid-tempo, melodic track with strong production and a nice performance from the trio. However, once again it's the garage mix that will fill dance floors and gets it full marks.

* * * * * (CJB)

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