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Released: 22nd October 2001.

An obvious choice for a farewell single, this is a downbeat ballad with lyrics that fit not only the boy/girl break ups they address directly, but perhaps also the bitter-sweetness the boys may feel at their split (aahhh!). Personally, I would rather remember them for "Keep on Movin'" - undoubtedly their finest hour, and a great pop track that many a group, not just those labelled 'boy bands', could have been proud of.

* * * (Janet Valentine)

Since this is the last we'll ever hear of Five, at least in terms of new material, surely it would have been better to release a more memorable song? Instead we're treated to this so-so ballad which, to be honest, wouldn't sound out of place if sung by any other boy band (well, maybe not Westlife). Ironically, Five have always had a unique sound, so for this to be their swansong doesn't really do them justice.

* * (Amir)

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