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Released: 22nd October 2001.

Gabrielle - Don't Need The Sun To Shine (To Make Me Smile)Gabrielle's latest single, taken from her forthcoming Greatest Hits album, is much more upbeat than "Out Of Reach", but is just as infectious. Her vocals are, unsurprisingly, also as relaxed and soothing as ever. With a whole album charting her amazing career so far, let's hope that it forms an interlude rather than a finale. After all, with songs like this, we'll be buying her records for years to come.

* * * * (DS)

Preceding the release of her "Greatest Hits Volume 1" collection, Gabrielle's latest single dares not explore new territory, and sounds similar to a lot of her other hits. The uplifting acoustic sound she's known for on tracks like "Sunshine" and "Dreams" can be heard again here, and though it's a nice enough tune, it's not going to set the charts alight. Hopefully the album will mark the end of an old sound, ready for the UK diva to return with something fresh.

* * * (CJB)

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