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Released: 22nd October 2001.

The American boy band from TV show Making The Band explore another style of pop on this, their third single. "We Fit Together" may have worked better as a summer release with its uplifting, acoustic sound, though the result is quite impressive. The lyrics are rather risqué, but they should pass right over the heads of the kids buying it. Nice enough vocals from two main singers, and although not mind-blowing, it may be another UK Top 10 hit for them.

* * * (CJB)

They may be a TV manufactured boy band, but with two great singles already under their belt, they're certainly not bad. Unfortunately though, where the catchy, upbeat "Liquid Dreams" and the slow, powerful "All Or Nothing" led the way, "We Fit Together" seems unable to follow. OK, so it's nice enough, but it hardly stands up to their previous singles, and to be honest, is just easily forgotten.

* * (DS)

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