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Released: 13th November 2006.

Christina Aguilera - HurtAfter the cheerful "Ain't No Other Man", Christina Aguilera returns with the beautiful ballad "Hurt" as the second single from the "Back To Basics" album. "Hurt" is possibly the best song she has ever done - there's so much feeling in it, the lyrics are very personal and her voice is better than ever. For me, this surpasses even "Beautiful" and "The Voice Within". Christina has kept us waiting for quite some time, but it's with songs like this that she puts nearly every other singer out there in the shade.

* * * * * (Saruman_78)

After the shouty "Ain't No Other Man", Christina really needed to show that she could still sing, and that she has done. "Hurt" is a track with even more emotion than "Beautiful", and whilst it isn't quite as beautiful a song, it has so much power to it that it deserves to be a huge hit. You could imagine someone like Mariah singing this song, and next year, you can bet a load of X-Factor contestants will choose it as an audition piece!

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

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