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Released: 29th October 2001.

Alicia Keys - Fallin'This superb piece of traditional, soulful blues, merged with classical piano and choral notes, neatly sums up the style of this remarkable new young talent. The video, depicting Alicia's uneasy relationship with her jailed lover, illustrates beautifully the theme of the song - how your emotions can both liberate you and leave you trapped. Deserves to be an enormous hit, but unfortunately, it might be too sophisticated for that.

* * * * * (Janet Valentine)

As debut singles go, you couldn't ask for one more perfect than this. Self-penned, effortlessly cool and absolutely self-assured, Alicia Keys should have little difficulty scoring a big UK hit with "Fallin'", following the track's recent US No. 1 success.

* * * * (Neil Fanning)

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