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Released: 12th November 2001.

It's always good to see some fresh input on the rather stale R&B market. Blu's vocals are more interesting than those of most female singers, while the song is catchy and well produced. Already a Top 10 hit on the US Billboard chart, the song may appeal to many urban fans, but it may not be enough to grab the massive pop buying public of the UK.

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

Blu Cantrell is another big, female voice on the American R&B circuit, and this upbeat track has worked wonders in her homeland. Another slant on the male bashing lyrics of old, Blu is basically telling the ladies if your man cheats, take him for all he's got. As with Lina before her, this exploration of a 1930s sound mixed with contemporary, urban beats takes some getting used to, and I'm not sure it will take off in the UK. To be honest, although the idea is fresh, the song as a whole is nothing special and pretty forgettable.

* * (CJB)

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