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Released: 12th November 2001.

It's been almost three years since the last Lighthouse Family single, but has the wait been worthwhile? This song suggests they haven't changed their sound that much, which is both a good thing and a bad thing - their MOR style was great in the late 90s, but is now perhaps a little dated. On top of that, they've gone for a weird approach of creating a brand new track, but the last minute turns into a cover of U2's "One". Not brilliant, but hardly unpleasant either.

* * * (Amir)

I recently heard one of my friends say "There are some songs that should be off limits for people like the Lighthouse Family to cover - and U2's "One" is one of them". Sadly, even as a Lighthouse Family fan, I have to agree. It's nothing special, and that goes for the first bit of the song, "Free", as well. Certainly not worth the wait we've had for a painfully average track.

* * * (matthew_dixon)

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