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Released: 11th December 2006.

El Chombo - ChacarronFirst there was "Mad World". Then there was the track about a JCB. Now, step forward 2006's contender for most irritating Christmas novelty hit. After getting picked up by Radio 1's Scott Mills (also responsible for the Hoff's disgusting comeback) and then by The Box and MTV, "Chacarron", which is essentially a guy mumbling over a "Hips Don't Lie"-esque beat, is so unbelievably irritating it makes that track about the JCB seem tolerable in comparison. However, I know that nothing I say will stop this from being unjustly huge.

* (Alex MacGregor)

Presenting quite possibly the worst single you will ever hear. Yes, people have been claiming this to be the worst song ever, and it certainly has to be up there with them. The 'song' is almost entirely a loud murmuring grunt with no discernable lyrics at all and no tune. The beat is urban, but badly lacking. I therefore fail to find any redeeming qualities in "Chacarron" at all.

* (matthew_dixon)

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