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Released: 19th November 2001.

I don't care what anyone says; like the last single, I love this record! How can you deny DJ Otzi (real name Gerry Friedle) has done a great job covering this classic Manfred Mann song? It's been another huge club hit in the North, a huge hit on all the music channels, and is hanging just outside the chart on import - all in all, looks certain to be another huge hit for the Austrian. However, can S Club 7 beat him to the top, and will third single "My Bonnie Is Over The Ocean" sink without trace?

* * * * (Ben Cook)

DJ Otzi's new single is just the same as his annoying holiday track "Hey Baby". This time, however, he's managed to ruin Manfred Mann's classic, and unsurprisingly I'm still not a fan. Nevertheless, I expect it will enter inside the Top 20.

* * (Tom Eames)

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