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Released: 19th November 2001.

S Club 7 - Have You EverS Club 7 really have something special, with their 100% strike rate of Top 5 singles (in which three have gone to No. 1), and a Top 10 US hit earlier this year. Somehow I'm sure they will be around for a few years yet. "Have You Ever" is really international class, and could easily become another US hit. The song is a seamless ballad, suited to their vocals perfectly. In similar style to last year's "Never Had A Dream Come True", expect another No. 1!

* * * * * (Matt Wilson)

It's Jo "With The Flow" and those six backing singers again, with their annual dollop of slush. It's not bad, but I can't help thinking I've heard this somewhere before. First few listens it sounded great, but after weeks of non-stop rotation, one does tire of it. Some advice Jo, get rid of the others and go solo. It gets rather pathetic when you have to mime ballads on TV because the others can't sing... and the boys are miming to a song they obviously didn't even sing on. I suppose we'll have to put up with this record till February then.

* * * (Ben Cook)

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