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Released: 26th November 2001.

One of the highlights of second album "Rooty" is the anthemic "Where's Your Head At". Having yet to repeat the success of earlier singles "Red Alert" and "Rendez-Vu", this is an eagerly awaited return to form which has been filling the dancefloors for ages. Following the light and airy "Jus' 1 Kiss", this track is a breath of fresh air, with its energetic beats and almost aggressive vocals.

* * * * (CJB)

In any other week, this would be the track that breaks Basement Jaxx to an undeserved level of superstardom. From >that video with the monkeys to the instantly memorable title hook, this track seems to press all the buttons everyone likes - but whilst there's plenty worse big beat around, this is nothing special.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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