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Released: 26th November 2001.

Five - Closer To Me CD2 / Rock The PartyI'm not particularly impressed with this Grease-sampling last single by Five. They obviously want to go out on top, and I think the way they're continuing to release singles without promoting them is a shame, as this is not strong enough to be a big Top 5 hit. It would have been a lot better if they'd just finished with "Closer To Me" (with a better video) and actually said goodbye to their fans.

* * (Ben Cook)

Well, they're finally gone. They've had a great career, releasing some good, catchy pop songs. Sadly "Rock The Party" is not one of them. It has an animated video that fails miserably to have characters that really look like Five, and is nowhere near as catchy as their previous singles. "Closer To Me" in its original form is almost out of the chart now, but this will not set the chart alight - and probably won't be Top 10.

* (matthew_dixon)

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