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Released: 26th November 2001.

Geri's third release from her "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster" LP is an easy-on-the-ear ballad - and while listening to it you sometimes wonder if it is too much that way. Nevertheless it's a good song, and sees Geri's lyrical skills at a peak. It is also something a bit different to her most recent releases, which may go down well with the fans. There are better songs on the album, though this certainly isn't bad - and could see Geri at the top of the charts for a fifth time.

* * * * (Matthew Jackson)

Possibly the final nail in the coffin containing Geri's solo career! This very European-sounding ballad does nothing but prove once again that Geri cannot compete vocally with the pop world's latest idols. While past hits relied on her bubbly performances to sell records, Geri has shot herself in the foot with this bland offering, which emphasises her weaknesses rather than managing to save her career.

* * (CJB)

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