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Released: 26th November 2001.

After the superb pop quality of "Pop", *N Sync return with a ballad. At first listen this seems like a rather dull song, although it's a bit of a grower, and the chorus sticks in your head for hours. Maybe not an instant smash, but a good pop song nonetheless. It will also give the forthcoming Backstreet Boys track "Drowning" a run for its money.

* * * * (Matthew Jackson)

As Mr Martin has deserted one of the world's biggest boy bands, the guys have moved on slightly with a more unique sound on their new album "Celebrity". Good it ain't. "Gone" is written by *N Sync themselves, which would explain why it's such a snore-fest. Come back and make your charming Scandipop for us Max, we miss you!

* (Ben Cook)

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