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Released: 3rd December 2001.

If you're in a loving, warm, wintery, almost-Christmassy mood, you'll love this single. Not many artists would get away with covering such a classic by Earth, Wind & Fire, but Damage do an outstanding job. Their harmonies are beautiful, and could certainly give a lot of American R&B groups a run for their money. Very classy, these boys deserve much more success!

* * * * * (Deborah Snowden)

When covering a classic it's always risky to do something different with it; that's why Damage have opted for a carbon copy of the Earth, Wind & Fire hit. Originally released in the 70s, "After The Love Has Gone" is a heart-felt ballad and one of the standouts on their latest album "Since You've Been Gone". The guys have done themselves proud with a song that only the vocally gifted can pull off. Great timing too, slowing it down for the Christmas market.

* * * * (CJB)

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