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Released: 3rd December 2001.

Liberty - Doin' ItLiberty have ditched the garage sound that launched them on "Thinking It Over" and return with a strong, urban pop tune. Hard beats, twitchy strings and voice effects a-plenty, Liberty are playing with the big boys. They may lose their garage following, but will gain a much wider audience and higher chart placing with "Doin' It". If there were any doubts that Liberty could go the distance, this will cement their success.

* * * * (CJB)

Despite being the Popstars rejects, Liberty have proved as good as, if not better than, winners Hear'Say. "Doin' It" is arguably an improvement over their debut single, perhaps even better than any of Hear'Say's efforts to date, and is both catchy and well performed. Musically, it is credible and fairly adventurous, though probably won't elevate the group to the dazzling heights of the 'real' Popstars.

* * * * (DS)

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