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Released: 3rd December 2001.

Steps - Words Are Not Enough / I Know Him So Well"Words Are Not Enough" is a rather boring ballad, but typical of Steps, it grows on you. Much better (as one would expect of a Bjorn-Benny composition), their cover of "I Know Him So Well" is excellent, though not that much different from the original. This song shows that the Steps girls CAN actually sing - very well in fact - and is basically just a gorgeous tune.

* * * * (Patrick Blake)

Aren't Steps overdoing it a bit on the old double A-sides? This will be their seventh double A-side to go Top 10 (if it does), but you can't complain for getting value for money I suppose. The video for the main song sees rather flattering animations of the group running around some wonderland to save Claire - perhaps it's to cover up the fact it's a rather bland single. Well I suppose it's not >that bad, but it gains an extra star for the lovely cover of "I Know Him So Well", which they do very well live.

* * * (Ben Cook)

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