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Released: 10th December 2001.

Emma Bunton - We're Not Gonna Sleep TonightEmma Bunton goes all sexy in the fourth release from her album "A Girl Like Me". It's very different to the guitar-based pop of the last two singles, as this song has a slightly Latin-tinged feel. Her vocals sound fresh and funky, and the chorus is great. Expect this to be played at an office party near you this Christmas!

* * * * * (Matthew Jackson)

After taking our breath away, Emma releases her third single. She looks certain to have the most promising solo career, and I suspect that this release will confirm that status. This is one of the highlights from the album and I'm glad it's getting a release. Mid-tempo, with a subtle Latin/Mediterranean feel, its ideal for brightening up the cold, winter nights.

* * * * (Matt Wilson)

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