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Released: 10th December 2001.

Janet Jackson - Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)Janet's bitter and angry, and we can see how much after listening to this track. Her ex gets a beating from the three hard women, and the result is a kick ass, funky, upbeat tune. Janet oozes class and wit through her dark, smoky voice, while Missy adds the Midas touch. Just watch as Janet rips Michael's heart out and chews it up as she batters his feeble attempt at a tune with the bland ballad "Cry".

* * * * * (lc)

The third single to be lifted from "All For You" is a metamorphosis of the classic Carly Simon hit "You're So Vain". The Carly Simon input has been toned down greatly on the radio edit to be replaced by the quirky rapping skills of Missy Elliott. A great idea for a song in album or single form, with fresh beats and buckets of attitude. Watch it shoot up the chart like a bullet!

* * * * * (CJB)

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