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Released: 10th December 2001.

Samantha Mumba - LatelyAmerican trio Divine released this track back in 1999 but failed to make an impact. Will Sam's version fair the same? Four Top 5 hits on and she's about to get her fifth! "Lately" sees the young Irish lass slow things down for the festive season with this gospel-tinged pop ballad. Vocally, Sam manages to show more versatility than on past efforts and you can't beat a powerful key change at the end to sell records; Westlife have proven that. Shame the video doesn't share the quality of the song, but you can't have everything.

* * * * * (CJB)

Finally, the song her fans have been waiting for her to release is here. This is a cover of Divine's big 1999 stateside hit, which sadly missed the UK Top 40, but this time should zoom into the Top 10. She's stuck pretty much to the original which is a good thing, because it's such a brilliant record and hopefully will finally get the success it deserves. Samantha hasn't been very busy promoting the single in the UK, but it's had reasonable support from radio, and this sexy ballad will shift units this week.

* * * * * (Ben Cook)

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