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Released: 10th December 2001.

This song combines two very different people, and the very idea sounds like it would never work. But guess what? It does! After Robbie's gig at the Royal Albert Hall and the success of "Swing When You're Winning", he has proved himself to be a very competent singer. Nicole is the stunner on this single though - she can actually sing! Their voices work well together, creating a modern version of the old Frank Sinatra song for the kids of today. With rumours of a possible love affair, the title may say something about their current situation as well!

* * * * (Naomi Oliver)

Yet another case of glorified karaoke! A nice combination of voices, especially Nicole's, but you can tell it's nearly Christmas. This is a romantic love song that, strangely, was originally a hit for father/daughter team Frank and Nancy Sinatra. It works better without two relatives warbling it, but still, it's the tune that carries the song rather than the lyrics.

* * * (Melissa Baines)

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