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Released: 7th May 2007.

JoJo - AnythingAfter the Top 5 success of "Too Little Too Late" in January, JoJo returns with the second single from her sophomore album "The High Road". Given a unique sound by using a clever sample of Toto's "Africa", "Anything" is a sophisticated and chilled out track, much different to JoJo's previous singles, but it shows her ever-growing maturity as an artist. She may have only just celebrated her 16th birthday, but JoJo has one powerful set of lungs, and she definitely knows how to use them.

* * * * * (Martin P)

Headline news - JoJo covers ToTo! Yes, for JoJo's latest song, we have a sample of the Toto classic "Africa" opening up, followed by a dull R&B song over the backing of the Toto track. For my money, I'd much rather lsiten to the Toto original than this bland, R&B-by-numbers ballad.

* * (matthew_dixon)

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