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Released: 31st December 2001.

Backstreet Boys - DrowningThe Backstreet Boys have once again released another masterpiece. Their latest single, "Drowning", is easily one of their best songs to date. Not only have they kept their unique pop sound, but they've also managed to incorporate a little bit of country and R&B. It's taken from the guys' latest CD, which includes hits from their first album all the way up to "Black & Blue." This track should help the album become a big seller, just as all their past releases have proved to be.

* * * * * (Chad Kennedy)

The Backstreet Boys' first and only single from their "Greatest Hits - Chapter One" album is obviously the only new track on it. The song is a real standout though, and could even give Westlife a run for their money. It's undeniably a Backstreet Boys ballad, but is somehow a bit different - slightly more grown up than their previous ballads. It's sure to give them another Top 5 hit, if not a No. 1.

* * * * (Tiger)

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