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Released: 14th January 2002.

Sam, Thalia, Ashley, Rebecca and Sandi (hence STARS) return with a third single, and it's a cover of the 1981 No. 1 single by Bucks Fizz. Their production team have stayed true to the original, and it's one of those cheese-fests that you'll either love or hate. The group were formed especially for a TV show called "Starstreet", a bit like S Club 7's series really, only not as good. Some of the lyrics to this catchy tune are a bit puzzling, but you wouldn't expect Bucks Fizz to be particularly deep would you?

* * * * (Ben Cook)

I've always thought of cover versions as a great way for bands to explore different ways of recreating a classic song. Unfortunately, these B-list pop stars remake a single by a group best known for ripping their skirts off in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although this song was a No. 1 hit for Bucks Fizz, it still sank into the realms of obscurity, and allSTARS look unlikely to sell copies for the sake of nostalgia. Best to look for someone else to fill Steps' shoes in the cheesy pop stakes!

* (CJB)

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