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Released: 4th February 2002.

No Doubt - Hey BabyWell, as Spock would say, "It's No Doubt Jim, but not as we know it!" Following on from Gwen Stefani's Top 10 hit with Eve, No Doubt have combined the rock of old with a new R&B-style sound, resulting in what will be their biggest hit since "Don't Speak". It is a glorious tune, not too dissimilar to the latest tune from Pink - possibly the sound of 2002. I'm giving this maximum marks, even though it is slightly ruined by some reggae rapper called Bounty Killer having a rather long rant at the end which really should've been cut down. Will this be No. 1? No Doubt!

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

It's extremely rare that you hear a track as instantly catchy as this brilliant new single from No Doubt. It's even rarer that the song hasn't already become hideously annoying by the time it's released. This track, taken from the new album "Rock Steady", is the one in a million, though. Its stunning combination of an original tune, ingenious production, as well as >those vocals, make this an almost dead cert for No. 1, and will probably also ensure a high rating on this year's biggest sellers.

* * * * * (DS)

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