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Released: 4th March 2002.

City High feat. Eve - CaramelWhen I first heard that City High and Eve were bringing out a single I really thought I wouldn't like it, but after hearing it on the radio it isn't all that bad. I didn't think much of "What Would You Do", but this one is much more catchy. Eve's rap doesn't last very long, and you'd have a hard time telling it was her. The video is absolutely fantastic and the song title is good but unusual! Much better effort this time around!

* * * * (Sam Mangan-Taylor)

The trio who wowed us with their debut "What Would You Do?" return with a more laid-back vibe which will make a star of female vocalist Claudette. What was a pleasant enough album track has been spiced up with a "remix" interlude featuring rap star Eve on the radio edit. It's this added element that will gain the single widespread success, but don't expect the same reaction they got for the album's highlight track.

* * * * (CJB)

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