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Released: 4th March 2002.

If you've been watching Pop Idol, there's little doubt you'll know who this is. However, this sounds like nothing more than a feeble attempt at a karaoke competition. Even more worrying is the video, in which he shuffles uncomfortably while unemotionally miming to the track. What is clear is that Rik does have a good voice, but by this standard he's certainly no pop idol. "I Will Always Love You" is a fantastic song, known by millions as being Whitney Houston's, and unfortunately for Rik, nothing he can do will change that.

* * (DS)

The, ahem, "fat bloke from Pop Idol" launches his career with a very risky single. Not only does his contract from the show specify he cannot release material for a few months, but also the ultimate version of this song was of course recorded by Whitney Houston and how can this compare?! The whole thing is rather cringeworthy, and the only probable reason as to why it's getting played on The Box is curiosity. Rik is likely to lose more money by defying his Pop Idol contract than he'll make by releasing this!

* * (CJB)

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