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Released: 11th March 2002.

After two years out of the music business, which she took to have a baby with her husband Rene, one of the world's best singers returns with a trademark epic ballad. Well, maybe 'epic' is the wrong word, but it certainly is lovely. It's a bit of a shame there hasn't been very much promotion considering it's such a great song and has only received moderate airplay. Has anyone seen a video? It's quite possibly one of the best singles she's ever released in my opinion, but sadly it looks like it will just scrape inside the Top 30.

* * * * * (Ben Cook)

After a two year break, Celine Dion returns with what could turn out to be her last release ever. "A New Day Has Come" is nothing revolutionary, but continues her signature mid-tempo ballad style. A great tribute to one of the most successful females of the last decade.

* * * * (Matt Wilson)

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