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Released: 11th March 2002.

Warren Stacey - My Girl, My GirlFrom the show which produced Hear'Say and the group formally known as Liberty comes a soloist now signed to Def Soul UK. Warren Stacey, known for his gospel renditions on Popstars, releases a pop driven R&B track. Unfortunately, the track tries to be American and fails miserably, whilst the artist tries to emulate Usher. The result isn't that bad but quickly becomes boring, and without the most interesting of production efforts, is likely to be the least successful of the Popstars singles.

* * * (CJB)

Another one from Popstars tries to make it big, and maybe this sounds harsh, but he'll be a big flop. He has nothing different to offer from your other R&B artists like Usher or Craig David. The video is very typical of an R&B song, with baggy trousers and a cheap set. His voice is quite good, but apart from that, the song is terrible. Sorry Warren, it had to be said!

* * (Sam Mangan-Taylor)

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