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Released: 18th March 2002.

Blue - Fly By II"Fly By II" really should be called "All Rise II", as everyone quite rightly points out that the two tracks are scarily similar. However, that means that Blue are back to what they do best, after a couple of ill-advised ballads - both of which unfortunately topped the chart. This week is very difficult, and a No. 1 seems unlikely this time around with Will, Gareth and George out there. However, they should just edge out Marilyn Manson to gain fourth place.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

The fourth single from debut album "All Rise" has a mid-tempo R&B vibe which will score the quartet another hit. "Fly By II" is much more mellow than the superior album version, while its one redeeming feature is the use of a Biggie Smalls sample; an obvious plea for credibility on the urban scene, but the highlight all the same. Pretty forgettable compared to past singles, yet Blue still hold their own as the UK's coolest boy band.

* * * (CJB)

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